Personalization in Customer Support Experience And Why It Matters To Your Company:

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Order_takingOnce, marketing used to have 4P’s that were considered important. But if you are an entrepreneur in the today’s corporate world, you would know that now there is a fifth P in the mix as well.  Since customer support service is the new marketing strategy, brands with exceptional customer care are also focused upon these P’s. These P’s are:




Product: What are you selling? Is your product is doing the thing it was created for? How well is it doing whatever it is supposed to do? Is it good enough to being people back with their friends?  If the answer is affirmative, then your customer support is going to be your chief advertisement.

Price: If your product is great at what it does than the second P is of little consequence. You only need to keep the price in the competitive range, but it’s not as emphasized.

Place: Place is the geographical location of your store but in the case of the internet it’s just one click.

Promotion: is how you attract the customers. In any business, the ideal way to attract customers is through a fellow customer, who is doing the promotion. Word-of-the-mouth is the most sort-after and most trusted marketing tactic known to corporate world.

The final and fifth P stands for Personalization.

Personalization in the traditional terms is building rapport with customer. It’s said to be a personalized customer experience if the company remembers a past customer, their names and their purchases. But with invent of social media, personalization has taken on a whole new meaning. The modern customer care strategists collect profiles of the existing customers and put together certain groups (including people of different demographics and personal choices) and provide them with the extremely relevant promotions, discounts, package deals and holiday offers. Worthy Customer care providers strategically help these sales and support situation. Equipped with modern technological tools, they use tactics like ‘welcome back’, ‘it’s been a while since your last visit’ to remind customers of their past interactions and interest them in new ones. It’s just like visiting a favorite store with your favorite sales man. After a sale has been concluded, follow up, welcome and feedback calls also constitute to personalization in customer experience.

Personalization in customer care is important and as you might have guesses, quite beneficial. So if your firm has been inclined towards generalized customer support, it might be the time to turn a new leaf. Customer care, after all is all in the details.

Emenac Call Center Services has been delivering personalized and industry specific customer support services to corporate entities for over a decade. From small home-based business to the multinational corporate giants, hundreds of our clients firms are being benefitted from 24/7/365 services without quality compromise. Our talented and professional customer contact and support teams work tirelessly to deliver the dream customer support experience which is friendly, fast and focused. Headquartered in Canada, Emenac Call Center Services has sub-units in USA, UK and Pakistan. We aim to achieve excellence in customer service which is why we pursue latest trends with fresh perceptive and top notch technology. It’s your turn to be a part of a progressive business community and achieve your corporate goals fueled with Emenac Call Center Services.


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